Typography is the art of designing, producing and using type for publications and graphic design. Historically, small businesses in the Middle East have always used calligraphy in their signage. With the rapid growth in technology, shops changed their calligraphy-based signage to digital print and typography. This caused problems such as choosing the inappropriate typeface for the function and mismatching between Arabic and Latin. Typick is a project, the first of its kind, raises awareness about typography and solves these problems by establishing a campaign that works in strategic methodology with three levels Attention, content and network. Attention, through interesting imagery and videos. Content, through the Typography Starter Guide, which demonstrates an overview about typography and shows examples of matching bilingual typefaces to different kind of businesses. Network, is the online and social media platform for future extension of the project.
Typick structure
How Typick works?
Solving issue with Arabic translation of Typographic terminology
Typick objectives
Typick campign videos, 5 different versions to be used as an ident.